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  1. Customization 

    1. Customizing Your Sub Domain For Client Galleries
    2. How Do I Change My Custom Domain?
    3. Changing my Company Name and Email?
    4. Creating Your Email Templates
    5. Setting Your Web Gallery Accent Color
  2. Everything Else 

    1. Add Emojis to Your Online Galleries (MAC Only)
  3. Favorites 

    1. Where Can I View My Client Favorites?
    2. Can My Clients Mark Their Favorite Images?
    3. Can Clients Create More Than One Favorites List?
    4. Can I Download My Client Favorites?
    5. How Do I Send Download Links of Favorited Images?
  4. General Questions 

    1. Do I Have a Home Page Where All Galleries are Shown?
    2. How Do I Contact Support?
    3. How Do I Add A Payment Method?
  5. Image Delivery 

    1. What Image Sizes Can I Deliver With Cloud Spot?
    2. Sending a Download Link Only for an Event or Subfolder
    3. How Do I Send an Online Gallery Link Only?
    4. Sending a Download Link + Online Gallery Link
    5. Can I Digitally Deliver Just One Image to Someone?
  6. Image Management 

    1. Creating a New Subfolder in an Event
    2. How Do I Rename/Delete an Event or Subfolder?
    3. Can I Copy and Move Images?
    4. Setting A Category for Your Event
    5. Can I Change the Order of Subfolders on my Dashboard?
  7. Lightroom Plugin 

    1. Where Can I Download the LR Plugin?
    2. How Does the Lightroom Plugin Work with Cloud Spot?
    3. Using the "Sync Now" Feature
  8. My Home Page 

    1. Creating Your Own Category for an Event
    2. Adding Client Galleries to the Home Page
    3. Creating Categories on Your Home Page
  9. Online Galleries 

    1. How Do I Create/Edit My Online Gallery?
    2. Do Client Galleries Work on All Devices?
    3. How Do I Allow Downloads in a Web Gallery?
    4. How are My Online Gallery Images Protected?
    5. How to Quickly View an Online Gallery
  10. Pricing 

    1. Do I Need to Buy the Cloud Spot Software?
    2. Do I Pay for Every Event That I Upload to Cloud Spot?
    3. Do I Pay Monthly or Yearly for My Storage?
    4. How Do I Cancel or Downgrade My Account?
  11. Storage 

    1. How Do I Upgrade My Storage Plan?
    2. How Does Storage Work With Cloud Spot?
    3. Do My Images Get Resized When They are Uploaded?
  12. Store - Discount Codes 

    1. Creating a Discount Code
    2. Can I Edit a Discount Code?
    3. How to Enable Discount Codes in Your Galleries
    4. Why Do I Need a Credit Card on File to Create Discount Codes?
  13. Store - General Questions 

    1. Checking the Shipping Status of an Order
    2. Who Do I Contact Regarding Print Order Issues?
    3. How Long Does it Take For My Client's Order to Ship?
    4. How Do I Cancel a Print/Product Order?
    5. Are Only JPEG Files Available to Print?
  14. Store - Setup 

    1. Step 1: Enter Merchant Info and Banking Info
    2. Step 2: Create Your Catalog(s)
    3. Step 3: Set Tax Rate(s)
    4. Step 4: Apply Catalog to Web Galleries
    5. Step 5 (optional): Create a Discount Code
  15. Uploading Images 

    1. What File Types Can I Upload and Display?
    2. Uploading Multiple Folders of Images
    3. How Do I Add Images/Folders to an Existing Event?
    4. Can I Replace Images in My Events?
    5. What is the Maximum File Size I can Upload?
  16. Watermarking 

    1. How to Create Your Watermark
    2. Do you have a pre-made watermark I can use?
    3. Web Gallery Watermarks
    4. Delivering Images With Watermarks
    5. Can You Download Watermarked Files From Web Galleries?
  17. All articles 

    1. Where Can I Download the LR Plugin?
    2. Do I Need to Buy the Cloud Spot Software?
    3. What Image Sizes Can I Deliver With Cloud Spot?
    4. Sales
    5. Customizing Your Sub Domain For Client Galleries
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